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The Coffee Factory (TCF) is proud to be the first Fresh-Roasted coffee chain in Vietnam. At TCF, we only serve the highest quality coffee, roasted without any artificial flavors or preservatives. To bring out the best qualities of the beans, our coffee are roasted fresh every 3 days right at the stores by TCF's in-house roast masters. This allows us to make a Bold promise of never serving coffee beans that have aged for more than 5 days after roasting.

To create the unique flavor and taste of our coffee, we blend together different variants of coffee bean; each with a distinct set of characteristics. And finally, our drinks are prepared to perfection by a team of highly passionate and skilled barista.

Visit TCF on Facebook for more details.

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  • 456/59 Cao Thắng Phường 12 Quận 10 TP Hồ Chí Minh
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