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Pixelz was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs who grew tired of running into the same frustrating problem with post-production processing. They built Pixelz to solve it. Together, they grew it into an industry leader over more than a decade. They launched and supported thousands of websites for brands and online retailers selling a wide variety of products. Design and technology were able to clear most of the bottlenecks they encountered, but one issue kept cropping up: product images. The importance of product photography to eCommerce cannot be overstated. However, product photography is expensive and post-production software has a steep learning curve. To add to the challenge, images often come in seasonal waves: day-to-day needs fluctuate wildly from month to month. Brands and retailers were spending enormous amounts of money to generate beautiful images, but couldn’t efficiently get them to the web. Valuable assets would sit unused, victims to a painfully slow workflow, or end up on the web unoptimized.

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  • Phòng 409, toà nhà Toyota Mỹ Đình, số 15A Phạm Hùng, Hà Nội, Vietnam
  • cs@pixelz.com
  • https://www.pixelz.com/
  • 0432123411
  • >500 cán bộ/nhân viên

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Pixelz opens office branch in Hanoi.


Our roots are in Denmark, where the company was founded.


Thomas Kragelund, co-founded an eCommerce agency

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Competitive salary based on skillset and experience 5 day / 40 hour work week with overtime compensation Inspiring work environment with: Clean, smoke free, and air-conditioned offices Licensed software on A-brand computers Professional lighting Ergonomic tables and chairs Decorative plants & artwork Pantry full of coffee, tea, and healthy snacks. Bonus program with minimum 10% annual salary Fair career opportunities for everyone with annual open performance assessment. Yearly company-wide excursion/adventure day Time off for local holidays Full salary for 6 months during maternity leave and 2 week paid salary for paternity leave.

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