Les Vergers Du Mekong - Công ty Cổ phần Vườn Trái Cửu Long

Les Vergers Du Mekong - Công ty Cổ phần Vườn Trái Cửu Long

Kinh doanh, Sản xuất/Vận hành sản xuất, Thực phẩm/DV ăn uống
Since the early stages, when Les Vergers Du Mékong decided to put down roots in Vietnam, we have always made a clear choice in favour of long-term sustainable development rather than short term profit.
At Les Vergers Du Mékong, the Orchards of the Mekong River in English, we work since 2000 with the local growers in Vietnam to produce the finest coffee, the rarest tea, the most luscious juices, the tastiest jams and the richest honey.
We work on the complete traceability to control the quality of the farm, the crop and the ingredients. We seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthier food & drinks.
The company became a flagship for gourmet & healthy food and drink industry in Vietnam, taking the best of both worlds: the French culinary savoir-faire and Vietnam natural resources.

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  • 11 Thái Thuận, P. An Phú, Q. 2, Tp. HCM
  • http://vergersmekong.com/
  • 50-100 cán bộ/nhân viên

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