Công ty TNHH SX TM DV Sa Pai

Công ty TNHH SX TM DV Sa Pai

Kinh doanh, Môi trường/Xử lý chất thải
There's nothing much to talk about us, at all. We're just a small sized firm with a group of people who striving to fulfill the commitment to themshelf and to the clients. We're not keen to talk about big and far things. Instead, we like to discuss how to solve tiny issues without creating defects and errors. We believe that many tiny - scaled stuffs would help to build up stable and sustainable achivement. Thanks to all clients and their courtesy which help pushing us into the industry of fabrication. With unceasing pressure and highest demand of quality, we slowly turn our work forces into higher calibre. That's all we are about. You, you may put your trust on us sometimes. We won't let down our committment. Always.

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  • Lô B1-1, Khu A3, Đường D9, KCN Rạch Bắp, Bến Cát, Bình Dương
  • http://www.sapai.vn/
  • cán bộ/nhân viên

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