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Công ty TNHH Remote Resources Việt Nam
Công ty TNHH Remote Resources Việt Nam

Công ty TNHH Remote Resources Việt Nam

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RemoteResources provides solid business solutions to clients all over the world. We specialise in the set-up, hosting and ongoing management of offshore staff and operations. We are able to service clients in all industries and of all business sizes, small to large. By providing offshore staffing solutions, RemoteResources clients are able to:

Become more agile;
Increase capacity & production;
Gain greater access to specialised staff;
Reduce staffing costs by up to 70%;
Have existing employees focus more efficiently on core business needs;
Better deliver and exceed the expectations of their own clients;
Further develop the success of their employees and management;
Expand their international presence;
Provide additional benefits for existing employees;
Increase profits.

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Remote Resources was officially founded in Ho Chi Minh City

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Office Environment RemoteResources creates an ideal working environment. Our facilities have the latest tools and equipment to promote productivity. Our corporate culture is created to foster a strong work ethic, intercultural respect, and high spirit among our employees. We do all we can to maintain a reputation of being an employer-of-choice. So a healthy and productive office environment is an especially important benefit to have for our team. Annual Staff Trip All staff working within RemoteResources enjoy an annual staff trip. It is important that our loyal and hardworking team are rewarded over and above their monthly salary. RemoteResources fully sponsors the annual staff trip and our clients are certainly encouraged to join us! Salary Unlike third party outsourcing companies, we do not profit from providing minimal or even average benefits to staff, whilst charging excessive fees to clients. Our business model is geared for all parties involved to win! We strive to ensure our salary packages are competitive with the local market. By keeping up to date with the current salary ranges of each industry, we advise potential clients of salaries that are both competitive and fair to all parties. Each year, we encourage clients to review their staff salaries and benefits to ensure that they remain competitive with the outside market. Salaries are based on the employees’ skills, technology expertise and experience. We view salaries as an opportunity for employees to share directly in the success of the client’s company. Holidays After passing the probation period, all employees enjoy annual paid leave. In addition new parents receive an additional leave benefit. Employee of Choice It is our goal to maintain our reputation as an employer of choice. By so doing, our company strength grows by the sum of the successes of our staff members. Everyone wins in this situation. Success builds success.

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