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Công Ty Cổ Phần Innovo

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Innovo JSC is a boutique digital marketing and media agency that helps small-to medium-sized organisations grow their business by amplifying their online presence. Specialising in the themes of Travel, Leisure and Events, Food and Beverage, and Education among others, we work with many of Vietnam’s leading brands. We are proud to be listed on the first page of Google searches for keywords related to these central subjects.
Our talented, multicultural team has over 90 years of combined working experience and takes pride in delivering stand-out marketing campaigns that achieve objectives and maximise return on investment.
Innovo JSC is the mother company of multiple brands that celebrate the many facets of Vietnam: City Pass Guide, the country’s leading tourism website and travel guide and #iAMHCMC, a widely distributed magazine dedicated to professional, in depth articles related to life in HCMC.
With outstanding marketing skills, visual production and content production, our team excels at promoting Vietnam and Vietnamese businesses. Don’t wait to start getting better results from your marketing, get in touch now.

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