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Khách Sạn Maximilan
Khách Sạn Maximilan

Khách Sạn Maximilan

Khách sạn
Located in the golden tourist road, In front of the hotel is a beautiful beach of Danang and only 10 minutes away to the airport, this modern hotel consists of 128 rooms. It offers a Restaurant, bar, Spa, conference, fitness centre, infinity pool. Maximilan Da nang beach hotel is a perfect place where families and friends gather for leisure and relax for your trips in Da Nang.
Da Nang is one of the most popular place for both Vietnamese and foreign tourist. Da Nang includes sea, Son Tra island, mountain and beautiful landscape. There are a lot of interesting places such as: Asia entertainment park, Ba Na hill, Hoi An ancient town, My Khe beach, museum of art as well as famous bridges. The city is well known for its fresh atmosphere, friendly people and security. The weather is glorious all the year and it brings this city many delicacies from sea and perfect living condition for people, specifically the elder. Visiting Da Nang, I am really impressed by Ba Na hill containing longest cable car from land to the top of the mountain. It is an unforgettable experience for visitors to observe breathtaking sight and picturesque scene. Beside, the beaches have long golden sand, deep blue sea in addition huge bunches of fresh coconut. Tourist has a chance to relax, enjoy the peace and nature, play aquatic sport. Moreover, the city has many big bridges like: Dragon bridge, Quay bridge and a large outdoor entertainment named Asia park. Additionally, there are a lot of delicious typical dishes such as: Quang noodle, xeo cake, pork pan-cake and others. Da Nang is preserved for its natural beauty; therefore, there is an increasing number of tourists come here.

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