Công ty TNHH 2359 Media Việt Nam

Công ty TNHH 2359 Media Việt Nam

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2359 Media is Asia's leading mobile consultancy and the preferred choice for cross platform mobile engagement strategies. 2359 Media helps its clients better understand, leverage and profit from the rapidly evolving mobile marketing landscape by providing a full suite of mobile solutions from strategizing mobile objectives, producing intelligent mobile applications and advertisements, to distribution and measurement. With 2359 Media, brands can provide rich interactive mobile experiences with a proven high engagement rate and targeted personalized outreach. 2359 Media services are used by GIC, MDA, MOH, SingTel, MediaCorp, HTC, among other leading innovative brands. Our team of talented consultants, engineers and designers have helped some of the biggest company in Asia transform their products in the mobile space. We are interested to groom and hire passionate engineers in Vietnam.

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