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Công nghệ Thụy Điển Fram
Công nghệ Thụy Điển Fram

Công nghệ Thụy Điển Fram

Kinh doanh, Công nghệ thông tin
fram^ is a leading Scandinavian-Vietnamese IT custom software development and distribution group. fram^ has offices in central District 1 in Saigon and in Danang, Vietnam, as well as, Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, fram^ employs ca. 50 people globally, and is growing rapidly.

fram^ helps companies to build dedicated teams of Vietnamese IT engineers and other online focused talents (e.g content management, image retouching, etc.) - we call these our Standing Teams. In our Scandinavian styled offices in central Saigon, we give these teams an energizing and inspiring home. In addition, fram^ is also a custom software development company with Inhouse Engineers available to support our clients on shorter project engagements within web and mobile development. Today, fram^ delivers world class IT development services to a range of small, mid and large clients in both Southeast Asia and Northern Europe (e.g. Samsung, Bubbleroom, Hansoft and Publicis Group).

Moreover, fram^ has built a platform for licensed distribution on behalf of globally leading software companies (e.g. Kaspersky's corporate software suite) into the Vietnamese and larger Southeast Asian market.

The founding team of fram^ has built and managed market leading online businesses both in Europe and Southeast Asia. The founders of fram^ co-founded Lazada.vn and built the company from scratch to the market leader of e-commerce in Vietnam – today, Lazada.vn has thousands of employees in Vietnam alone.

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fram^ was founded by people who have spent most of their professional careers on or around the web

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