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Tìm thấy 58 việc làm với ngành nghề UI/UX

Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Bất động sản Rever
21. Product Executive - Rever

Tìm hiểu, phân tích hành vi và nhu cầu của người dùng và yêu cầu từ các phòng ban khác (marketing, sales...). Lên kế hoạch thực thi các yêu cầu, viết tài liệu mô tả tính năng sản phẩm (workflow, wireframe, specs).Làm việc trực tiếp với designer để chọn ra giải pháp UI/UX phù hợp.Giữ vai trò điều phối dự án, đảm bả ...

Công ty TNHH Evolable Asia
22. UI/UX Designer - Evolable Asia

Design UI, UX and develop webpage layout and applications for website and mobile. Design prototypes including graphics-design, site navigation, and layout of content for both PC Web and Mobile Web. Develop ideas for marketing activities, branding recognition, website and turn it into reality with design. To be inv ...

Công ty TNHH RGF HR Agent Việt Nam
23. Game Designer - RGF HR Vietnam

The Game Designer will assist the create team in the design and development of mobile games.Generate and supervise the generation of game concepts for mobile games.Create and maintain design documentation based upon the product brief.Liaise with the project producer to ensure the creative vision is meeting the pro ...

Công ty TNHH RGF HR Agent Việt Nam
24. Senior UX Designer - RGF HR Vietnam

Provide end-to-end design for our web and native mobile applications. Lead the design thinking for the product portfolio and design philosophy for the company. Work closely with the product managers and engineering teams during testing, alpha, beta and final roll-out of products. Travel depending on the developmen ...

Công ty TNHH RGF HR Agent Việt Nam
25. Developer - IT - RGF HR Vietnam

Develop Web application, company’s software.In the future will also develop Smartphone application Use JavaEE6, JavaEE7 to develop. Develop UX/UI using HTML5/CSS3. Develop UX/UI using Jquery Programming, coding, testing. Planning, upstream process is in head office in Japan, Vietnam office will program

Công ty TNHH RGF HR Agent Việt Nam
26. UI/UX Design Manager - RGF HR Vietnam

Research and offer solutions to build, or improve the chat app with a built in cryptocurrency wallet feature inside, this is the company’s flagship product.Constantly optimize the user flows and reduce the frictions in the app. Lead brainstorming sessions to impact the product strategy. Conceive and conduct benchm ...

27. Application Developer For SAP Hana Database - SAP Việt Nam

As a Developer in the SAP HANA UI & Application team you will contribute your expertise to various functional areas of the core database, being responsible for the whole development cycle from start to finish, with a strong focus on test-driven development.

Công ty TNHH Truyền Số Liệu Lotte Việt Nam
28. UI Designer - Lotte Data

Able to make online Banner, Campaign, Product design follow manager direction. Design various Marketing material like: EDM, Ads, Social image. T-shirt, Gift, brochure design. Animation, Video Making experience is a plus.

Công ty TNHH Defide
29. Web UX/UI Developer - DEFIDE CO.,LTD

Develop UX (User Experience) / UI (User Interface) for web systems utilizing cloud environment such as AWS using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, AngularJS, React, Ember.js or similar frameworks.

Lecle Vietnam
30. Junior UI/UX Designer - Lecle Vietnam

As a UX/UI Designer, you are in charge of creating the visual design and user interface for web and mobile applications. You will work with Korean customers to create the design for good-looking websites and applications.

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