Quản Lý Nông Nghiệp (Agronomy Manager)

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Mô tả công việc

Improving Plant Health:

Develop standard procedure for Pests and Diseases management
Formulate a system for effective management of Phytophthora and Nematode infection to ensure success rate of 98% from planting to maturity
Prepare Annual Plan for Fungicidal and Insecticidal spraying for P&D Management
Support Plantation Team for the implementation of effective spraying methods using right chemical, right sprayers and right target.
Scout the plantation at regular intervals to assess the P&D situation and report with the recommendation
Irrigation & Fertigation:

Recommend to Irrigation team on the Irrigation and Fertigation program in consultation with PH.
Prepare check list for Irrigation and Fertigation applied in the field and report
Check and report on Irrigation and Fertigation applied in the field every month on the quantity applied, quality of work and systems etc.,
Check soil pH, CEC and moisture content of the soil periodically and report every month
Monitor Phytech, Ornavera, and Soil Health Probes trials being used in the plantation and recordings are to be made and reported
SOP (Standard operating procedure)/GGAP:

Prepare SOP for all agronomical operations in the plantation and submit
Support and work with Global GAP team for effective and early implementation
Prepare agronomical template for Pepper crop
Being root system is so important for Black Pepper, a study to be conducted on the root system and report.
Trials / Experiments / Demo plots:

Various Trials are now being conducted in the plantation. Please carryout and closely monitor all these trials and experiments and submit monthly report
All information pertaining the trials are to be recorded and documented as soon as possible
Conduct new experiments on plant health and yield to sustain pepper crop production in consultation with PH.
It is our endeavour to maintain pepper crop life span of 20 years. All steps have to be taken to maintain good health of pepper root system to achieve this effort.
Yield assessment:

The first crop is expected in 2019. Please assess the yield and report
Subsequently, every year the yield assessment to be done well in advance. Prepare step by step procedure for Crop yield assessment in Black Pepper.
All efforts are to be made to achieve the target yield of 7,500kgs/Ha. Close monitoring on plant health and nurturing the plants with optimal input of nutrition will achieve this target. Your focus should be on this target.
Being commercial production project, the focus should be on cost as well. Every additional cost incurred should have increased production to ensure overall cost per kilogram is within our target.
Train the Team Leaders (TLs) periodically in all agronomical practices of black pepper, focussing on plant health and crop production
Train and work with the TLs for periodical assessment on P&D in their respective block
Additional responsibility:

Time to time any additional responsibility will be informed to you.

Yêu cầu công việc
  • University degree – agronomist related major.
  • Over 10 year experience in planting and taking care pepper.
  • Good atEnglish (4 skills).
  • Professional in control pepper’s disease,
Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Having chances to get attractive company bonus every month/year
- Company trip once a year + Joining party
- Salary and position is reviewed 1 time a year
- Bonus by individual ability and company’s performance.
- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits
- Dynamic and sociable working environment.

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