MegaZone Corp tại Hà Nội

MegaZone Corp tại Hà Nội

Quảng cáo/Marketing/PR
With experience and insight that we have accumulated since 1998, we are trying to understand the new and differentiated media first and to create innovative and creative user experiences optimized for our clients' business strategies. Full Interactive Service, from strategic consulting to production and operation, enables customers to connect with their customers through a variety of media channels through thorough media analysis, customer analysis and branding, providing a meaningful user experience, and increasing brand awareness. . ▶ optimized based on the high level of technology and IT services experience ▶ stable and high-level HIGH-END COMMERCE SERVICE ▶ differentiated and optimized management services INFRA ▶ stable and high-quality e-Learning Services

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  • 20-50 cán bộ/nhân viên

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Set up office branch in Hanoi.


Megaison Corporation conversion.


Established web agency / shopping mall / hosting department

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• Full and comfortable equipment in our office. • Regular team dinners and a End Year Party.

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