Institution of American Education

Institution of American Education

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The Institution of American Education (IAE) is founded on the principles of innovation, excellence and dedication to defining the way higher education is delivered in Vietnam, with track record of actively building, acquiring and managing full range of education level from English language training (ESL) to College level. We apply the most advanced operating platform including internet and digital-based initiatives to all of our strategic investment to achieve the optimal level in operation. We are led by the top thinkers both in academy and business, who are broadly acknowledged as the most influential innovators in education services development. Dedication to bring Vietnam’s education system to the next level, is the ultimate commitment of our leaders. Currently, IAE has two (02) divisions: English Center Division: ​IVYPREP iSMART College Division: ​ Western University (WU) American Polytechnic College (APC) Broward College (BC) Vietnam Design Institute (ADS) Saigon Polytechnic College (SPC)

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  • 60 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, 1 District
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