Easy Information Technology Solution Co., Ltd.

Easy Information Technology Solution Co., Ltd.

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EASY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd., known as EZIT Solutions, provides high quality software outsourcing services and specializes in research, development, quality assurance, and documentation. We are based in Vietnam's high tech district of Ho Chi Minh City and work with various businesses throughout the United States. We have experience in developing B2B eCommerce, Document & Payment Management, healthcare, Enterprise Application Integration, and other applications. The software applications that EZIT Solutions has developed are aimed at the global market and therefore must meet the stringent requirements of our clients as well as international standards. With the commitment, dedication, and advanced technical capability, we continue to do what we do best – provide quality software services to the global software industry.

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  • 147 – 149 Vo Van Tan Street 10th Floor, Ward 6 District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • http://www.ezitsol.com
  • 50-100 cán bộ/nhân viên

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