Công ty TNHH Ryukyu Interactive Việt  Nam.

Công ty TNHH Ryukyu Interactive Việt Nam.

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RyukyuInteractive Vietnam Co., Ltd. is the first overseas subsidiary of RyukyuInteractive, Inc., an Internet startup based out of Okinawa. The core of our business revolves around a creative group, which has handled many successful projects in the digital marketing strategy, creative content, sns promotion, owned media development, and data analysis fields, among other areas of the digital domain. As the partner of major firms, we handle creative work for global brands, and we produce promotional websites and new branding content for Japan's leading companies. In addition, we develop creative content and marketing for many companies in our native Okinawa.

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-Commuting allowance all social insurance (Social insurance health insurance) -Cover for the cost of books development equipment subsidies -Cover for the cost of seminars inhouse social subsidies -New Year bonus (Jan) ※Bonuses may be withheld depending on work quality -Assessed twice per year (Apr Oct) ※From at least 6 months into employment

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