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Tuyển dụng 3112 việc làm Công Nghệ Thông Tin trong tháng 04/2019 - Trang 7

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Isobar Commerce
61. Lập Trình Frond- End(Front-End Developer) - Isobar Commerce

• Build (X)HTML/JS/CSS from PSD or PNG source files provided by designers• Work closely with programmers/developers to integrate dynamic functions programmed in Demandware into frontend functionalitie ... - [xem chi tiết]

Isobar Commerce
62. Quản Lý Dự Án(Project Managers) - Isobar Commerce

Managing full e-commerce projects from business requirements to roll-out and validation by the customerCreating and editing customer documents such as functional specifications for customers, tech ... - [xem chi tiết]

Isobar Commerce
63. Lập Trình Salesforce ( Salesforce Developer) - Isobar Commerce

Developing customized solutions on the Salesforce platform, integrations with 3rd party platforms and other custom applications for our clients. Lead and/or contribute to all technical aspects of pro ... - [xem chi tiết]

Isobar Commerce
64. Lập Trình PHP( PHP Developer) - Isobar Commerce

• Creating and documenting web applications and software based on PHP, MySQL, Javascript and Open Source technologies following established standards and methodologies• Working closely with other team ... - [xem chi tiết]

Công ty cổ phần dịch vụ Giao Hàng Nhanh
65. Chuyên Viên Sản Phẩm ( Product Specialist HCM ) - GHN

1.MỤC ĐÍCH CÔNG VIỆC Được trao toàn bộ quyền trong việc mô tả xây dựng các hệ thống ví nội bộ, kết nối các hệ thống ví và vận hành với nhau cũng như với các bộ phận hoặc hệ thống nội bộ và partner kh ... - [xem chi tiết]

Isobar Commerce
66. Lập Trình Web - Isobar Commerce

• Develop dynamic enhanced e-commerce web experiences• Develop customer-specific web-based applications, systems integrations and custom application development.• Contribute to the success of the plat ... - [xem chi tiết]

Công Ty TNHH Tư Vấn Nguồn Nhân Lực X HUNTER
67. Lập Trình Front - End (Front - End Developer) - X HUNTER

SOLIS LAB consists of all-rounded technicians who are experts in Design and Software Engineering. Our greatest strength is the ability to build user-centric software solutions using AGILE software dev ... - [xem chi tiết]

Elsa Speak
68. Speech Scientist - Elsa Speak

Investigate and implement new technology applications in speech and natural language processing. Postprocess, organize and extract insight from the vast amounts of data collected daily from the usage ... - [xem chi tiết]

Elsa Speak
69. Full - Stack Developer - Elsa Speak

Transform abstract ideas specifications into actionable engineering tasks Design and implement new backend and frontend experimental features for the ELSA products Setup logs and metrics and evaluate ... - [xem chi tiết]

Elsa Speak
70. Data Scientist - Elsa Speak

Organize and analyze anonymized data from our users to find patterns and explain their behavior. Predict what our users might do next based on behavior events and other contextual data collected from ... - [xem chi tiết]